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Code Red Terrorism Survival Kit

Code Red Terrorism Survival  Kit


Code-Red Terrorism Survival Kit

Code-Red Personal Terrorism Survival Kit is NOT like the standard disaster and emergency kits. Immediately during and following a terrorist incident you must focus on your survivability. Your immediate needs are much different. This terrorism survival kit is designed to provide the essentials for the minutes and hours following the event. Having the right survival supplies with you will provide for a better outcome. The supplies in this kit have been selected by firefighters and terrorism response experts.
List Price: $365.00
Our Price: $319.00
Sale Price: $292.00
Savings: $73.00

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Our Code-Red Terrorism Survival Backpacks are perfect and have plenty of room for your personal items as well.
The Code-Red
Personal Terrorism Preparedness Kit includes the following items and weighs only lbs.:
  • 1-Deluxe Adult size Red Back pack 19" high - 15" across - 7" deep. This HD back pack is large enough for you to add your day needs and has numerous pockets and compartments for storage
  • 1- xcaper emergency Smoke mask. A must have for High-Rise Offices, Condos, Apartments as part of your survival ESCAPE supplies. Designed to save your Life! The Smoke Mask was tested by the Navy Safety and Survivability Office and recommended for use in Department of Defense Facilities. The Xcaper® Smoke and Gas Mask is the newest and most advanced filter of its kind. Using patented moist filter technology, this mask delivers unparalleled protection by absorbing hazardous toxins, such as Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide and 100% of particulate matter common to the smoke in fires. It is designed with an all-natural moisturizing agent that allows for easy breathing. The mask is effective for 30 minutes or longer depending on the conditions.
  • 1- 6 pack Drinking and irrigation water, 6-4.24oz. water packets come in additional container with pour spout– chlorine-free drinking water-have a U.S.C.G. 5 year shelf life certified
  • 4- Energy Food Bars. Millennium Energy Bars have a 5-year shelf life and each bar contains 400 calories. These food bars maximize the physiological efficiency of water usage by including low sodium levels. They have a great taste and perfect as a snack. Used by Police and Fire Departments.
  • 1- Custom Trauma first –aid supplies includes; sterile trauma dressings 1-12x30, 2-10x30, 2-5x9, 1-Blood Stopper, 2-Triangle Bandages, 4-4” rolls of Gauze, 6- Pairs nitrile gloves, 1- CPR safety, 6- Hand wipes. These are the basic first aid items you may need or called upon to use.
  • 1- Potassium Iodide Tablets IOSAT K1- In case of, Nuclear Power Plant accident, Terrorist or other Nuclear Attack. All IOSAT is fully FDA approved for thyroid blocking in a radiation emergency. IOSAT is the ONLY full-strength potassium iodide tablet approved by the FDA which can be sold in the US, and is the only product approved for purchase by the US or State governments. IOSAT works by saturating the thyroid with stable iodine so it will absorb radioactive iodine released in the event of a nuclear accident. This 14-day supply is designed to protect ONE adult from the serious effect of radioactive iodine.
  • 4- Easy Breathe Dust/Particle Masks. These special N95 Dust masks have a re-breather one-way valve. Dust masks are intended to prevent inhalation of dust particles in the air. The one way valve allows for easier exhalation.
  • 1- Utility Knife
  • 1- 10 Yards Duct Tape
  • 1- Reduced Fogging Safety/Chemical Resistant Glasses . Protects eyes from impact, dust, and chemical splash. Soft flexible frame. Indirect vent ports reduce fogging.
  • 1- Personal “Mayday” whistleProduces 120db through 3 separate sound chambers. Two outer chambers create separate omni-directional frequencies, while the center chamber with pea creates staccato sound, critical for rescuers to discern whistle over environmental noises such as howling wind, rushing water, emergency vehicles etc. Comes with fastener for key ring and backpacks. Made in the USA.
  • 1- Industrial quality Survival Flashlight
  • 1- Large Mylar Sleeping Bag. Large solar Mylar Sleeping Bag- Solar retains 90% of your body heat- can be used as ground cover or a shield from the elements.
  • 2- Large Mylar Space Blankets 84”x52” . Solar blankets retain 90% of your body heat. Use as rain, windbreaker or emergency blanket.
  • 4- Emergency Light Sticks. 12-hour Light Sticks, a safer form of long lasting light. Safe to use by anyone. Can be used inside or outside safely.
  • 1- 50’ Nylon cord
  • 1- Filter Water bottle The 28oz Seychelle Water Filtration Flip Top Bottle is the modern day answer to clean, great-tasting drinking water The bottle is filled from the top and produces up to 100 gallons of great-tasting filtered water equal to or better than bottled water. Filter is replaceable.
  • 1- Gel-Alcohol/ Hand Sanitizer
  • 2- Hand/Body Heat Packs. This is a great product to keep your hands and body parts warm from the cold. Air Activated. Can be slipped into pockets or positioned to soothe sore muscles. Body Warmers last up to 20 hours with an average temperature of 130°F/54°C.
  • 1- 8 Pack of Rapid Wash Cloths. Includes Eight Wash Cloths. These Cloths are special Aloe treated and are great for personal clean-up. They can be Micro-Waved for a Hot clean.
  • 1- Pair HD Work Gloves. Could come in handy for debris removal

  • Terrorism can strike anytime and anywhere, and may involve threats, such as chemical, biological and radio-logical components. These events may cause excessive smoke or debris filled air causing respiratory distress making it difficult to evacuate so you must be prepared

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